1035-2 Whiplash Turbine without Turbine - Kit
  • Sturdy graphite main frame unit.
  • All C/F parts are made from 100% carbon.
  • CNC machined Delrin helical main gear
  • High quality one way bearing Made in Germany
  • High quality one way bearing hub, full ball bearings
  • Heavy duty, high quality front tail drive gears Made in Germany
  • High precise two-piece clutch bell with double ball bearing support
  • Optional gear ratios
  • True T6-6061 CNC machined aluminum components
  • CNC machined aluminum triple main shaft bearing blocks
  • Direct controlled 120 (degree) CCPM
  • CNC machined aluminum boom clamps
  • CNC machined aluminum engine mount
  • Full ball bearings throughout
  • High quality landing gear struts
Rotor Head:
  • Full ball bearings
  • Heavy duty linkages
  • 9mm head axle made from special high quality steel
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate
  • CNC machined main rotor grips
  • CNC machined main rotor head
  • High quality swashplate heim ball/ball bearing
  • High precise swash plate follower arms with 4 ball bearings each
Tail Rotor: 
  • Full ball/thrust bearings
  • Tail Rotor hub made from special high quality steel
  • Graphite tail fin
  • CNC aluminum “open” gearbox
  • CNC machined tail gears made from aluminum and POM
  • Aluminum 22mm tail boom
  • Positive control system
  • Hardened tail rotor output shaft
  • High precise tail slider
  • Carbon/Aluminum boom supports
  • High Visibility Painted Epoxy-Glass Canopy

Turbine Engine:


Mitch Marozas / Whiplash-T II with TS 45i heli turbine engine: demo flight

Raja Bortcosh / Whiplash-T II with TS 45i heli turbine engine: detailed introduction

Cade Ciripompa / Whiplash-T II with TS 45i heli turbine engine: demo flight

Devon Conners: Blade Grip Bearing Service

Heli Length 52.5" (1333mm)
Heli Height 17.5" (445mm), Flybarless - 17" (432mm)
Rotor Span 1561-1601mm - 690-720mm blades
Tail Rotor Span 286mm with 105mm T/R blades
Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight 12-13lbs - 5.8-6.2kg (less fuel)
Main Drive Ratio 8.35:1
Tail Drive Ratio 4.66:1
Main Rotor Blades 690-720mm
Recommended Power Wren 44i heli turbine engine TS Whiplash Edition 45i heli turbine engine (Turbine Solutions)

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1035-2 Whiplash Turbine - Kit

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