• Sturdy graphite main frame unit.
  • All C/F parts are made from 100% carbon.
  • CNC machined Delrin 117 tooth helical main gear
  • High quality one way bearing Made in Germany
  • High quality one way bearing hub, full ball bearings
  • Heavy duty, high quality front tail drive gears Made in Germany
  • High precise two-piece clutch bell with double ball bearing support
  • Optional gear ratios
  • True T6-6061 CNC machined aluminum components
  • CNC machined aluminum triple main shaft bearing blocks
  • Direct controlled 120 (degree) CCPM
  • CNC machined aluminum boom clamps
  • CNC machined aluminum engine mount
  • Full ball bearings throughout
  • High quality landing gear struts
Rotor Head:
  • Full ball bearings
  • Heavy duty linkages
  • 9mm head axle made from special high quality steel
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate
  • CNC machined main rotor grips
  • CNC machined main rotor head
  • High quality swashplate heim ball/ball bearing
  • High precise swash plate follower arms with 4 ball bearings each
Tail Rotor: 
  • Full ball/thrust bearings
  • Tail Rotor hub made from special high quality steel
  • Graphite tail fin
  • CNC aluminum “open” gearbox
  • CNC machined tail gears made from aluminum and POM
  • Aluminum 22mm tail boom
  • Precise running torque tube w. 3 ball bearings
  • Hardened tail rotor output shaft
  • High precise tail slider
  • Carbon/Aluminum boom supports
  • Carbon Tail Control Rod
Air Filter:
  • High Flow Air Cleaner X-cell
  • High Visibility Painted Epoxy-Glass Canopy
Assembly Bladeholer:

The Whiplash-G II kit includes the helicopter kit and a special designed air-filter for the engine.

These are the parts you will need beside the Whiplash-G II kit:

Engine: we recommend a 300 size (29.5ccm), balanced and optimized for use in helicopters.

Muffler: you can use the Zimmermann Whiplash edition muffler or the M-Studio pipe. The Zimmermann is made from stainless steel and makes little more power than the M-Studio. The M-Studio is about 100g less in weight. Most of our team pilots use the Zimmermann.

Blades: we recommend 710 to 720mm main blades. We have good experience with 716 Rail, 713 Switch, 720 MS-Composite and we have a special 710 MS-Composite which is optimized for the Whiplash gasser and turbine. 105mm tail blades work best.
Servos: you need servos which can handle the vibrations of a gas helicopter. Most experience we have with Futaba, some team pilots fly KST servos.
FBL: you can use the CGY760 (including a FASSTest receiver) or the new CGY755. For both FBLs you will need a separate receiver which can receive the FASST protocol and has a SBUS output. You can use the R7006SB or the R7108SB for example.
Governor: it is highly recommended to use a governor at a gas helicopter. The Futaba FBLs do include a very good governor. So you will not need any separate one. If you use a FBL without a governor or with a governor which cannot handle gas engines you can use the Futaba GY701 governor.
Receiver battery: any 2S LiPo / LiFe or 5S NiMh battery with at least 3500mAh
we recommend a high quality electronical switch like the Futaba P-FESW-1D. It is important to use high quality connectors which can handle the vibrations. The Futaba switch comes with deans connectors also for the battery.

The following parts and kits you will find at our online shop:
    Engine kits (some include the muffler):
    Servo sets:

Heli Length 52.5" (1343mm)
Heli Height 17.25" (439mm)
Rotor Span 1561-1621mm - 690-720mm blades
Tail Rotor Span 286mm with 105mm T/R blades
Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight 12-13lbs - 5.6-6.2kg (less fuel)
Main Drive Ratio 6.89:1 (7.3:1, 7.8:1 options)
Tail Drive Ratio 4.67:1
Main Rotor Blades 690-720mm
Recommended Power 23-32cc R/C Style Gas Engine

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1033-3 Whiplash-G II FBL - Kit

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