Whiplash Features:

  • New aggressively-styled, stiffer frames with side-by-side battery mounting for better GC control, increased cyclic and tail rate capabilities for more locked-in, slop free controls, and easier battery change-outs.
  • 20° helical drivetrain with hardened steel pinion gear and CNC machined main gear.
  • Improved gear ratios of 9:1 and 9.75:1 to match today’s motor Kv market.
  • Adjustable motor mount for fine tuning gear mesh.
  • Steel-sleeved main gear hub eliminates middle bearing block wear.
  • True 6061-T6 CNC machined aluminum components
  • CNC machined aluminum triple main shaft bearing blocks
  • Narrowed tuff strut landing gear
  • Ball bearing supported pinion gear
  • Improved electronics placement and wiring options

Rotor Head:
  • Direct controlled 120 (degree) CCPM
  • Heavy duty linkages
  • 9mm head axle
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate
  • CNC machined main rotor grips
  • CNC machined main rotor head
  • High quality swashplate heim ball/ball bearing

Tail Rotor:
  • Full ball/thrust bearings
  • Graphite tail fin
  • CNC aluminum “open” gearbox
  • Carbon 22mm tail boom
  • Hardened tail rotor output shaft
  • Carbon/Aluminum boom supports and CNC machined aluminum boom clamps

  • New high-visibility painted canopy

Model Specifications:

  • Length: 52.5" (1333mm)
  • Height: Flybar - 6.5” (419mm)
  • Rotor Span: 1561-1601mm - 690-730mm blades
  • Tail Rotor Span: 286mm with 105mm T/R blades
  • Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight: 11.5-12.5lbs - 5.22-5.67kg (w/batteries)
  • Main Rotor Blades: 690-730mm
  • Power: 12S, 490-560KV
Assembly Bladeholer:


Heli Length 52.5" (1333mm)
Heli Height Flybarless - 17" (432mm)
Rotor Span 1561-1601mm - 690-730mm Blades
Tail Rotor Span 286mm with 105mm T/R Blades
Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight 11.5-12.5 lbs - 5.22-5.67 kg (w/batts & electronics)
Main Drive Ratio 9.75:1 (9:1 Optional)
Tail Drive Ratio 4.67:1
Main Rotor Blades 690-730mm
Recommended Power 490-560KV, 10S - 14S

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1034-1 Whiplash 730E (FBL) - Kit

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