• 4500-30 Whiplash Gas Engine 300

4500-30 Whiplash Gas Engine 300 RC

The BH Hanson gas engine fits the Whiplash-G II.

The engine is very well balanced to minimize vibrations and is tuned to adjust power, torque and rpm perfectly for the Whiplash-G II. It runs very smooth.

It has about 30ccm and needs premixed fuel with 2-stroke oil at 33:1 to 50:1 with at least 95 octane. Do not use fuel mixed with ethanole like E10! MA recommends to use the Stihl HP Ultra full synthetic oil or the premixed Stihl Motomix fuel which doesn’t smell like gasoline and makes the engine running very smooth. If you are not familiar with gas engines or if you will use any other oil than the Stihl HP Ultra, only use 33:1 to 40:1 premixed fuel !
The engine was tested over 2 years and it is very robust and reliable.

It will be shipped including the original air-filter, original muffler, clutch, fuel-filter, fuel-hose and spark plug wrench.

Please note that the valid retail price is based on € Euro. Please ask for the retail price if you want to pay in USD.


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4500-30 Whiplash Gas Engine 300

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